How to groove a pipe?

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How to groove a pipe?

Enexia’s NordicFlow® thin wall pipes are factory grooved but with the help of our complete range of cutting, grinding and grooving tools, pipes can easily be cut and grooved on site to any length.

The fastest and easiest way is to use our NordicFlow Roll Grooving Machine that can groove all pipe sizes sold by Enexia. The pipe is placed on the pipe support and the knurl shaft causing it to rotate. Then, through hydraulic pressure, pinch roller is lowered on the pipe which creates the groove by cold forming. The process is done completely without heat and sparks.

See the following video and grooving machine user manual for a more detailed review of the process:

The wall thickness of the pipe remains the same and the coating remains intact and undamaged. This in contrast to cut grooves which may cause a weakening of the pipe and the clean metal surfaces which require rust prevention. The rounded protrusion of the groove on the inside of the pipe creates only a very small pressure drop than can be considered negligible compared to the pressure drop that occurs for example from the internal friction against the pipe wall, valves, bends and other connections.

Enexia also provides a mechanical hand grooving tool which is mounted directly on the pipe and can be used where electricity is lacking.



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