OH-VSO nozzle is a patented automatic semi-concealed water mist nozzle, designed to be installed into fixed low pressure systems. OH-VSO is ideal for fire protection of residential areas, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, museums, restaurants, schools, institutions and similar applications. The nozzle provides reliable fire prevention combined with low water consumption. OH-VSO nozzles are recessed into ceilings so that the decorative ring is on the surface level and the nozzle cover plate is 10-15 mm above the surface, being in daily use the only visible part of the sprinkler. Merging of the sprinkler into surroundings can be improved customizing the decorative ring and cover plate. In this case, besides the standard chrome-plated or white colour (RAL 9010), nozzles of any RAL colour can be ordered.

Technical specifications

Type: Pendent
Housing: Brass
Strainer: Stainless steel
Coating: NiSn
Water pressure: 8 – 16 bar
Drop size: DV90 < 300μm
K-factor: 16.7 l/min/√bar
Installation height: Max 5 m
Spacing: Max. 22,25 m2 (4.5×4.5 m)
Distance to wall: 2.25 m
Response time index (RTI): Fast Response < 45m/√s
Thread: ½” BSP or ½” NPT
FM-approved nominal release temperature: 57 ºC
Other nominal release temperatures: 68, 79, 93,141 ºC
Approvals: FM3050321