Epoxy coated Pipes

Application:  For Above Ground Sprinkler system installations

Features: FireLite® Pipes connect directly with grooved couplings for a quick and easy installation. The pipes are prepared with a groove at both ends of the pipe. Available standard length is 6 meters.

Production Standard: EN 10217-1

Dimension  Standard: EN 10220/2002 (DIN 2458) ISO 4200 range D

Quality Assurance System in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU,
Annex I, Section 4.3 as well as AD 2000-Merkblatt W 0 TUV89/106EEC

Working Temperature: 0-100°C

Coating: Sandblasted SA 2,5; FireLite® Flex-epoxy (TECHNOCOAT) GRAY (RAL7012)  Powder coated. RED (RAL3000) or Other RAL colours available on request.

Welding technology: High-frequency induction welding. Stretch-reduced from 114,3 mm.

Manufacturer reference: Firelite pipes are manufactured under special Arcofire SIA order within a AMENDUNI TUBI ACCIAIO Group. Black pipes produced by ZINCHITALIA SpA. Grooved and coated by Tecno Tubi SpA. Facility located in Via G. Mazzini, 240/242 – 25020 Alfianello, Italy

Environmental impact: The tubes are powder-coated, which extends the product life and is a surface treatment method for wet painting environmentally friendly.

Material Specification:

Raw Material: In accordance with the EN10025
Steel type: P235 TR1 220 N / mm2 (20 ° C)
Material certificate: 3.1 or 2.1 of EN 10204 acc.

Test report:

  • InspectionACC89/106/EEC,CDD
  • Hydraulic testing for pipe< 51 mm 1,5 x working pressure
  • Ultrasound test
  • Visual inspection in the production line


DNDimension (Dyxt)Weight (kg/m)Weight 6m pipe
2533,7 x 2,31,7810,69
3242,4 x 2,32,2713,65
4048,3 x 2,32,6115,66
5060,3 x 2,33,2919,74
6576,1 x 2,64,7128,28
8088,9 x 2,96,1536,90
100114,3 x 3,28,7752,61
125139,7 x 3,612,0872,50
150168,3 x 4,016,2197,25
200219,1 x 4,523,83143,00
250273,0 x 5,024,06204,38