Nordic Flow TWG-VIA grooving tool


Grooving of the DN25-DN300 steel pipes with TWG-VIA electric grooving machine is fast and easy. The machine can be moved by just one person using the wheels. Groove rolls and tools for changing them can be stored in the box in the back of the machine. In case of longer pipes and larger pipe sizes, pipe stabilizer can be used to reduce vibration. The machine can also be used for grooving hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel pipes.

Size range: DN25-DN300 steel pipes, with max 10 mm wall thickness. Supplied with the base.

Model TWG-VI A
Maximum diameter of the pipe 325 mm
Minimum diameter of the pipe 33 mm
Maximum wall thickness 10 mm
Maximum working pressure 9300 kg
Maximum oil cylinder pressure 30 Mpa
Oil cylinder capacity 150 ml
RPM 36 rpm
 Power 1300 W
Dimensions (BxDxH) 1400 mm x 760 mm x 1060 mm
Weight 206 kg