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TWG-11A is a manual roll grooving service tool that is equipped with carrying handle for ease of transporting. It is robust and simple to operate. TWG-11A is designed to be used either completely manually or attached to a power unit (Ridgid 300 or similar). It is suitable for small modifications as well as larger projects (pipe sizes DN20 – DN200). All the tools for operating the machine and changing grooving rolls are included.

Technical Specifications

Tool weight: 10.5 kg
Shipping weight: 21 kg
Grooving capacity: ¾”-8″ (DN20-DN200) Schedule 40 or thin wall pipe
Max. wall thickness: 7.11 mm
Compatibility: Ridgid 300 or similar

Grooving Rolls

(1) Knurl wheel 27-33 mm (DN20-DN25)
(2) Knurl wheel 42-48 mm (DN32-DN40)
(3) Knurl wheel 60-168 mm (DN50-DN150)
(4) Knurl wheel 219 mm (DN200)
(5) Pinch roller 27-48 mm (DN20-DN40)
(6) Pinch roller 60-168 mm (DN50-DN150)
(7) Pinch roller 219 mm (DN200

Technical Specifications

Maximum diameter of the pipe325 mm
Minimum diameter of the pipe33 mm
Maximum wall thickness10 mm
Maximum working pressure9300 kg
Maximum oil cylinder pressure30 Mpa
Oil cylinder capacity150 ml
RPM36 rpm
 Power1300 W
Dimensions (BxDxH)1400 mm x 760 mm x 1060 mm
Weight206 kg